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Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots

Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots is a traditional local dish in Hangzhou, China. Tender spring bamboo shoots appear around the time of the Tomb Sweeping Festival and are selected as the main ingredient. They are then split and cut them into pieces. After stir frying with Sichuan pepper oil, soybean sauce, sugar and MSG, broth is added until boiling. The heat is then reduced to simmer the bamboo shoots till the soup gets thick. Finally sesame oil is added just before removing from the heat. The dish is sweet and salty with a shiny red color and a firm texture. 

Bamboo shoots contain rich nutrition such as protein, amino acid, sugar and vitamins. They are widely used in Chinese dishes since the ancient times. Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots is chosen to be filmed in CCTV food documentary A Bite of China in 2012.

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