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Stewed Hoof-Shaped Soft-Shelled Turtle in Clear Soup

Stewed Hoof-Shaped Soft-Shelled Turtle in Clear Soup is a traditional dish in Huizhou. The hoof-shaped soft-shelled turtles used in this dish live in the creeks in Huizhou. This kind of turtle weighs about 125g. Turtle is highly prized to have a high quality and very tender meat without any taste of dirt.

During the Ming dynasty, Stewed Hoof-Shaped Soft-Shelled Turtle was paid to Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang as tribute to gain favor with the Emperor.

Hoof-Shaped Soft-Shelled Turtle is the main ingredient of the dish which tastes better when stewed with ham. The tender turtle meat and the salty ham complete each other’s flavor which fully embodies the features of Anhui cuisine.

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