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Shengjianbao (Pan-fried Dumplings)

Shengjianbao is an authentic Shanghai specialty. It is said to have a history of over 100 years. The dish features a crisp outer layer, thick juice and tasty meat. With a light bite, the aroma of the meat, oil, scallion and sesame lingers in the mouth for a long time. As Shanghai people normally call “baozi” “mantou”, Shengjianbao is also known as “Shengjian Mantou”. It used to be a side product of the past tea houses and water shops. The stuffing is mainly made of fresh pork and pork skin jelly. After the 1930s, stores specializing in “Shengjian Mantou” came into being in Shanghai’s catering industry, boasting new kinds of stuffing such as chicken and shrimp.

The bottom of the Shengjainbao outer layer is pan-fried golden, while the top is covered with some sesame seeds and shredded scallions, giving off a great aroma. With a bite, the juice comes out and fills your mouth, making it a snack that Shanghai people love. Shengjianbao features a white and soft outer layer, fresh and tasty stuffing and fine juices. Take a bite and feel the aroma of sesame and scallion. Best enjoyed while still hot.

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