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Fat Meat and Blood Sausage

Fat Meat and Blood Sausage is a popular dish in Northeast China. Translated into English, its full name is “Fat Meat and Blood Sausage in Sauerkraut”, and it is a traditional food in China’s Jilin Province. The main ingredients in this dish are streaky pork and blood sausage. The dish is cooked in a Manchurian style, and is very popular locally.

Fat Meat and Blood Sausage has been eaten in Jilin for hundreds of years, and is a classic dish in Jilinese Must-Eat Delicacies. The streaky pork used in the dish is a perfect combination of lean and fatty meat, while the blood sausage is a vivid red and is wonderfully fragrant and soft in texture.

In Southern China, the Tong people (one of China’s ethnic minority groups) also have the tradition of making blood sausage, which they often serve to guests. The preparation process is easy, and once dried, the blood sausage can be stored for a long time. The tradition of butchering pigs and making blood sausages during festivals is one that all Tong families still partake in, and with the passage of time, the dish has become more and more refined and delicious.


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