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Fried Pork Liver

Fried Pork Liver is one of the most classic specialties in Beijing, and an important component of any traditional Beijing breakfast, boasting strong folk flavors and a profound history of old Beijing. Fried pork features a brown sauce, smooth large pork intestines, tender and crispy pork liver, and a strong garlic flavor. Normally, fried pork liver is served with small steamed dumplings.

In December 2013, Xi Jinping, President of China, visited the Qingfeng Steamed Dumpling Shop and ordered a set meal including fried pork liver, steamed pork dumplings and shepherd’s purse, which became the shop’s most popular set meal. In 2011, Former US Vice President Biden visited Yao’s Fried Pork Liver Shop, becoming a hot topic among the public.

The main ingredients of the fried pork liver are large pork intestines and liver, with the large intestines accounting for two thirds of the main ingredients. Normally, after being cleaned, the large pork intestines and liver are added to a pot to be boiled. After the water is brought to a boil, the high heat is lowered to a medium heat to boil the ingredients until they are done and then cut into pieces. The dish’s seasoning is made up of garlic, soybean paste, chopped scallion and fine mushroom soup.

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