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Douzhi (Fermented Soybean Milk) and Jiaoquan (Chinese Doughnut)

Douzhi and Jiaoquan are two kinds of traditional Beijing specialties. As recorded, they already have over 300 years of history. The Douzhi goes well with the Jiaoquan. Douzhi is made from fermented fine mung bean dregs after the starch is filtered off, looks a grayish green, and tastes slightly sour and unsmooth, with a rich flavor and profound aftertaste.

The most authentic way to drink Douzhi is to sip it slowly from the bowl’s edge while it is slightly hot. Jiaoquan is made of dough stretched into long and thin round piece and deep-fried in hot oil. After it is fried, Jiaoquan looks brown, with a crispy and burnt taste, in the shape of a bracelet.

Young and old Beijing residents all love Douzhi and Jiaoquan. There is an old saying, “Douzhi-er, Jiaoquan-er and pickle-er”, meaning that Douzhi goes well with pickles and then Jiaoquan. The three together complement each other perfectly. The Douzhi tastes sour and unsmooth, the Jiaoquan crispy and sweet, and the pickles salty and fresh. The aftertaste is indeed rich and profound.

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