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Streaky Pork

Streaky Pork is a type of stew which was traditionally made towards the end of the lunar year in Northeast China. After the annual harvest or before the new year, people would slaughter fattened pigs to make various dishes to entertain neighbors and celebrate the harvest. A major feature of Northeast Chinese cuisine is to serve streaky pork throughout the year.

In the past, people did not have a lot of ingredients and seasoning to make streaky pork. The cooking process was simple: congealed pig’s blood was cut into chunks and boiled thoroughly, after which the chunks were cut into thick slices and thrown into a pot. Sauerkraut, water and spices were then added and the dish was stewed until cooked.

Today, the dish has been greatly improved through the addition of more ingredients and seasonings, making streaky pork into a richer and tastier dish.

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