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Fried Sliced Pork with Mung Clear Noodles

Fried Sliced Pork with Mung Clear Noodles is one of Jilin’s famous cold dishes. This dish is made from select pork cuts, mung bean starch, seasonal vegetables as well as a variety of other ingredients. The dish has a sour and spicy taste. It is appetizing and antipyretic and is said to have antipyretic effects as well as being a good hangover cure.

The taste of the mung bean clear noodles varies considerably according to where it is made, with some having an enjoyably silky and chewy texture while others are starchy and less enjoyable to eat. Potato flour is sometimes used instead of mung bean to make the mung clear noodles, which gives a different but still enjoyable taste. The dish is fried with summer radish and is very simple to make by following a good recipe.

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