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Braised String Beans with Noodles

Braised String Beans with Noodles are also called steam noodles, braised noodles, stove noodles, and wine shop noodles. The main material is flour and other ingredients mainly include cabbage, beans, and pork. Other ingredients, such as mushrooms and diced potatoes, etc. can be added based on preferences which have effects of relieving mental strain, strengthening the kidneys, invigorating the spleen and intestines, quenching thirst, and quenching one's thirst.

Other than Braised String Beans with Noodles, the majority of foods made with flour in Shanxi are boiled in water. Braised String Beans with Noodles are a kind of home-style noodle that people in Shanxi like. The noodles for making Braised String Beans with Noodles are generally made by hand. The harder the dough is kneaded, the more pliable the noodles are. The cooking method is very simple. The ingredients mainly include bean and meat, though others can be added by preference. When it is finished, it contains meat, vegetables, and staple food.



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