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It is also called “Tounao Rush" because people in Taiyuan, Shanxi wake up early to eat "Tounao" at daybreak when lanterns are needed to light the roads. Therefore, all restaurants selling "Tounao" hang a paper lantern over their gates as a symbol, a tradition that has lasted for about three hundred years. Every year from White Dew to Beginning of the Spring of the Chinese lunar calendar, every Muslim restaurant sells "Tounao."

The Taiyuan snack "Tounao" is also called "Bazhen Decoction," which is a unique soup based Muslim snack in Shanxi. Chunks of fatty mutton, lotus root and Chinese yam to a bowl of soup paste. The seasonings in the soup include yellow rice wine, vinasse and the herb astragalus membranaceus. In addition, pickled fragrant-flowered garlic is added to enhance the flavor. The feature of "Tounao" is that it can benefit the pneuma and nurse one's body, nourish general debility, invigorate blood circulation and the stomach. It also has the function of relieving dyspnea due to cold and strengthening the body.

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