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Sliced Noodles

Sliced Noodles are a local specialty and traditional food made of flour. They’re one of the top ten Chinese noodles and popular in the northern part of the country. They are famous and well-known at home and abroad because of their slicing technique and unique flavor.

Noodles are sliced with knife, thick in the middle and thin in the edge. They’re shaped like willow leaves with sharp edges. The noodles taste smooth on outer surface and pliable inside, and they’re soft but not sticky. The more they are chewed, the better they taste.

The procedure of making Sliced Noodles is worth seeing. The chef holds a unique tile shaped knife and stands in front of a pot filled with boiling water, with another hand holding a cylindrical-shape paste. When he or she starts to slice the noodles, they flutter into the pot from the top down, linking together. This food is loved by noodle fans.


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