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Laoshanji Haicheng Pie

Laoshanji Haicheng pie is a traditional food in Shenyang, China. The pie is made from flour, water, and meat filling of pork and beef, which is seasoned with a stock made from more than ten different spices. Vegetable fillings are seasonal and include select bean sprouts, leek, cucumber, green pepper, pumpkin, celery, and cabbage, and go great together with the meat.

Fancy versions of the pie have fillings made with shark fin, sea cucumber, prawns, scallops, and chicken, which make for an even more delicious pie. The finished pie is circular and yellow, with a crispy surface and a tender filling, and smells absolutely divine. Add mashed garlic, chili oil, and mustard paste for dipping to further improve the taste of the pie. The pie also goes really well with eight treasure porridge.

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