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“Change Hands Three Times” Hard Steamed Bread

The technique for making "Change Hands Three Times" Hard Steamed Bread is quite complicated and requires manual operation and changing hands three times. Flour is fermented until it appears layered. The bread tastes hearty, slightly sweet, and delicious.

It is said that during the 26th year of Guangxu’s reign over the Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Cixi was too starving to tolerate when she arrived in the Linjin County. When the Xie family took "Change Hands Three Times" Hard Steamed Bread out of the steamer, Empress Dowager Cixi tasted it and constantly praised it for its great taste. After she went back to Chang'an, she missed the bread so much that she listed it as a royal tribute. Since then, the reputation of "Change Hands Three Times" Hard Steamed Bread spread far and wide.

These days, tributes from ancient times have entered into normal people's lives. "Change Hands Three Times" Hard Steamed Bread is well received by many people for its flavor and aroma.

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