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Shanghai Rice Cake

There are many kinds of rice cakes in Shanghai. The rice cakes are a crystallization of rice and thousands of years of agricultural civilization in China. There are many stores that specialize in rice cakes in Shanghai. In front of the old and famous rice cake shops, there are always buyers queuing up. For example, the traditional rice cake stores such as Wangjiasha and Shendacheng are very popular. Rice cakes can be bought from other specialty stores, with, for example, the most commonly-seen sweet green rice cakes can be bought almost anywhere.

“Rice cakes are an indispensable auspicious symbol and act as decorations for rituals.” It is said that when a baby is born or has its first haircut, relatives and friends will give cloud-white square rice cakes as presents, symbolizing auspicious clouds. When a child is about to go to school, the presents will always include victory rice cakes, symbolizing a promising future. For birthdays, weddings, moving and when building houses, people also give rice cakes as presents for their auspicious implication of “progress”. Rice cakes make perfect souvenirs for anyone visiting Shanghai.

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