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Northeastern Hotpot

Northeastern hotpot is a culinary tradition of the Manchu people and is popular in cold regions of Northeast China. Food cooked in the hotpot has a characteristically mild and fresh taste, and is popular among locals due to its freshness, fragrance, and texture.

Northeastern hotpot uses a copper pot and charcoal fire to bring a chicken broth to a boil, after which a variety of food items such as coleslaw, vermicelli, pork, mutton, chicken, fish, pheasant, roe deer, venison, and grouse meat are added to the pot to cook. Sometimes mountain mushrooms are used to make the broth, such as hazel mushrooms, hohenbuehelia serotina, grass mushrooms, and hailar mushrooms, etc.

The type of northeastern hotpot that is popular today is even more full of character. White meat, blood sausage, sauerkraut, and vermicelli are prepared, and the cooking pot is placed within a hole in the dining table. A brazier filled with red hot coals is then placed beneath the pot to begin the dining experience.

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