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White Cut Chicken

White Cut Chicken is also called “sanhuang oil chicken”. It got its name as no coloring is added to the chicken during cooking. White Cut Chicken is a famous dish in the Shanghai area, and goes best with wine. The White Cut Chicken originates from “lu chicken”, a famous palace dish from the State of Chu during the Warring States period. After being passed down for generations, it became a fine delicacy in the palace and among the common folk. During its evolutionary process, the way it is cooked has evolved into two schools: one is brown, the other is white. The brown chicken is braised chicken in brown sauce while the white chicken is what is known as “white cut chicken”. Shanghai White Cut Chicken came into being in the late Qing Dynasty, first appearing in the hotels and later served in all sorts of restaurants. Today, the “White Cut Chicken” served in Xiaoshaoxing Restaurant is the most famous. White Cut Chicken is cooked in the same way and can be found everywhere, but Xiaoshaoxing Restaurant sells the best and most authentic White Cut Chicken. The restaurant has become a culinary landmark of the city for visitors.

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