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Xiaolongbao (Small Steamed Stuffed Buns)

Xiaolongbao is one of the classic specialties in Shanghai, featuring a thin outer layer, rich stuffing and a fresh taste. Because of its small size, thin and translucent outer layer and special bamboo steamers, it is called “Xiaolongbao” (Small Steamed Stuffed Bun).

The most famous Steamed Stuffed Buns are those sold in the Nanxiang Bun Shop in City God Temple precinct. If you have visited this area before, you will probably remember that by the Jiuqu Bridge there is always a long queue of people waiting for one to two hours. Nanxiang steamed buns have a history of over 100 years. Their stuffing is made from minced pork leg, with no scallion or garlic added, but with only some ginger shreds and pork skin jelly, salt, soybean sauce, sugar, water and so on. Its outer layer is made of unfermented refined flour. After it is steamed, the bun comes out small and like a pagoda, looking translucent and crystal-yellow. Take a bite, and the juice comes out and tastes amazing. They go well with some ginger shreds, aromatic vinegar and a bowl of shredded scrambled egg soup.

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