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Braised Pork with Vermicelli

Braised pork with vermicelli is a signature dish of Northeast China and is deeply loved by people all over China.

China’s northeast region is large both in terrain and population. Different tastes lead to different ingredients being used when making braised pork with vermicelli. While retaining the qualities of the original dish, some tasty local variations of the dish also are cooked, such as braised pork and Chinese cabbage with vermicelli, braised pork and vermicelli with tofu, radish and Chinese cabbage with braised pork and vermicelli, etc.

Braised pork with vermicelli not only warms the body, but it is also rich in nutrition. When you eat the dish, you should not only eat the meat and vegetables but also drink the soup so that none of the dish’s nutrition is wasted. The ingredients and spices are cooked thoroughly with the meat to create a very tasty dish and also to unlock all of the nutrients so that they are fully available to the human body.

The braised dish’s main ingredient is usually meat. After stewing, the oils and fats in the meat can be broken down and reduced. A variety of garnishes can not only ensure a balanced nutrition, but can also reduce the oil and salt consumption.

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