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Yangchun Noodles (Plain Noodles)

For Shanghai locals and those who have lived in Shanghai, the most tantalizing taste emblazoned on their memories is not necessarily some kind of grand delicacy, but a bowl of Plain Yangchun Noodles.

The so-called “Yangchun Noodles” used to refer to soup noodles with no dressing, known as “clear soup and bare noodles”, and was one of the commonest kinds of noodles in Shanghai in the past. Later, as businessmen renamed the dish to “Yangchun Noodles”, and it became a specialty in Shanghai. Shanghai Yangchun Noodles are special for their soup. A big bowl of noodles comes with green scallion shreds and clear soup, with the noodles placed neatly inside. The soup in Yangchun Noodles used to be clear water to begin with and was later improved to clear soup.

Modern Yangchun Noodles normally come with some toppings, and dried small shrimps and seaweed are also added. The rich aromas promote the taste of noodles to a superior level.

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