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Stir-fried Three Fresh Ingredients

"Stir-fried Three Fresh Ingredients" originates from the Chinese Ancient Palace food "Stewed Assorted Delicacies." Because the main ingredients and stir-frying method are not complete, the Stir-fried Three Fresh Ingredients have been made throughout China for one thousand years, which is famous for putting three ingredients. Lean pork meat, pig kidneys and liver with bamboo shoots are the main ingredients used in this famous dish in Shandong. The dish is divided into New Stir-fried Three Fresh Ingredients and the Old Stir-fried Three Fresh Ingredients which are a special dish of the Han people. Ingredients include meat slices, pig kidney, and pork liver.

Due to the unique production methods and special materials, it has a rich flavor with delicious sauce and tender meat. It has a flavor that is well liked by everyone. It became popular in many places after its development and is often now served in homes.

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