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Blood Curd in Spicy Sauce

Blood Curd in Spicy Sauce originated from Ciqikou Ancient Town in Shapingba District, Chongqing. This dish epitomizes the characteristics of local cuisine: chilli, hot, spicy and delicious. The ingredients include blood curd, cow’s tripe, red chilies, peppers as well as trachea, agaric fungus, bean curd and enoki mushrooms.

Some restaurants add 20 to 30 extra ingredients to the dish, and customers can add their favorite extras as they like. The best version contains sea cucumbers, eels and squids. The soup is seductively red with a heavy and rich taste.

The key to its good taste is the soup base and the red chili oil. Stir-frying all these 20 kinds of seasonings is the first step, giving the rich flavor to the soup. As one of the most traditional local dishes, Blood Curd in Spicy Sauce is available everywhere and suitable for all age groups.

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