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Steamed Dumplings in Zhonghexuan Restaurant

Steamed Dumplings in Zhonghexuan Restaurant, with a hundred years of history in Shijiazhuang, is a fresh, healthy and delicious famous dish in Chinese cuisine. Due to its delicious taste and unique flavor, it has a great reputation among customers. At the same time, it received so many favorable comments from Zhu De, a head of the Chinese central government, and other older generations of revolutionaries. Steamed Dumplings in Zhonghexuan Restaurant was named as a Famous Chinese Snack by the China Cuisine Association in 1997.

Steamed Dumplings in Zhonghexuan Restaurant feature elegant ingredients, fine stuffing, a secret recipe, and special dumpling wrappers. After the dumplings are ready, they taste fresh, fragrant but not greasy. They are unscented and have a bright color, thin wrappers, and lots of stuffing. With continuous improvements to the traditional cooking process, more than 20 types of dumplings have been developed to meet different tastes of customers, such as Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Three Colored Steamed Vegetables Dumplings, and Steamed Beef Dumplings with Scallions.

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