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Red Star Steamed Stuffed Buns

Red Star Steamed Stuffed Buns Restaurant is an old steamed stuffed bun shop in Shijiazhuang, China. It is also a special pastry of Shijiazhuang, awarded “Golden Censer Prize” by the Ministry of Trade. It has also received the Product Merit Award in Food Industry of Hebei Province, the “Famous Chinese Snack Award”, the Gold Medal Tourism Snack of China, and other titles.

The appearance of Red Star Steamed Stuffed Buns is like a white chrysanthemum in full bloom and enjoys tremendous popularity in Shijiazhuang. Since 1969, this restaurant has had great business.

Red Star Steamed Stuffed Buns have a small and dainty appearance, white color. They have thin wrappers and are full of stuffing, soft and delicious, and fragrant but not greasy. They taste even better with soymilk.

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