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Gaocheng Royal Noodles

Gaocheng Royal Noodles was originally only supplied to Ancient Palace of China so they are also called “Gaocheng Palace Noodles,” “Tribute Noodles,” or “Imperial Noodles.” High-quality wheat flour, sesame oil, amylum, and other ingredients are selected to make Gaocheng Royal Noodles with a preparation process of over 10 steps. It’s a special gift of Gaocheng (with palace lantern and palace wine as “Three Palaces”).

This kind of noodle is made with secret craftsmanship, such as noodle coiling, hanging, pulling, dragging, and drying in the shade. Gaocheng Royal Noodles feature rich nutriments, a tasty flavor, thin and hollow noodles, a glossy and white color, and a firm softness. They’re eaten as a staple food as well as a compliment to other dishes. Visitors can choose cold noodles or noodles with hot soup. It is a common nourishing food for the old, the sick, pregnant women, and infants, as well as a great gift to give to relatives and friends.

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