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Tianjin has a tradition of cooking mahua (Deep-fried Dough Twists), a famous Han Chinese snack that boasts a fine color, aroma and taste. For over 100 years, on either side of Tianjin’s Haihe River, just south of the bustling Xiaobailou (little white house), there is an alley called Shiba Alley. In the alley, there used to be a little mahua shop with the brand name Guifaxiang.

Shiba Alley mahua features a delicious, soft, crispy and sweet taste. It does not lose its flavor, go soft or bad if kept in a dry and cool environment. The mahua produced here comes in a variety of flavors including hawthorn, spiced salt, assorted mixture and black sesame, and a variety of sizes. Hand-made mahua is more expensive while machine-produced is less so. It is a local specialty in Tianjin and also makes a great souvenir.

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