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Guobacai (pancake salad) is usually known as “gabacai” by locals and is a traditional local specialty particular to Tianjin and a common site on Tianjin people’s breakfast tables.

Guobacai evolved out of the Shandong-style jianbing (pancake). Shandong locals who made a living in Tianjin in the past began cutting mung-bean pancakes into smaller strips and adding a pre-made sauce and other seasoning. The dish was sold and widely welcomed, gradually spreading throughout Tianjin.

Guobacai is made of mung-bean pancake cut into strips with a pre-made sauce poured on top. The sauce resembles tofu jelly to some extent. Once this is done, fermented tofu juice, garlic juice and sesame paste is added according to personal preferences. This snack tastes delicious with some unfermented steamed buns or Chinese-style baked rolls.

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