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Tianjin-Style Eight Great Bowls

The Eight Great Bowls are the standard of any traditional banquet in Tianjin, with eight big bowls serving up local Tianjin delicacies to guests. The Eight Great Bowls boast rich ingredients and comprehensive cooking skills, mainly frying, quick-frying, boiling, braising, deep-frying, stewing, seasoning, simmering, quick-boiling and so on.

Common people normally include shrimps, quick-fried fish fillets, stewed meat balls, stewed eels, quick-boiled pork shreds, seasoned gluten, braised pork and deep-fried marbled pork in the Eight Great Bowls. The dishes served today have been slightly upgraded, with some restaurants even using shark fins and bird’s nests to replace regular ingredients. These are known as the “Higher Eight Great Bowls”. For birthday banquets for the elderly, there will be a special dish on the table, a longevity peach made of pea flour with red pigment on top to heighten the joyous atmosphere.

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