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Duck Blood and Bean Vermicelli Soup

Since ancient times, people in Nanjing have enjoyed eating ducks and making dishes out of it. Therefore, it’s said that “Jinling’ ducks are the best in the world.”

Duck Blood and Bean Vermicelli Soup, also called Bean Vermicelli with Duck Blood, is a traditional delicacy of Nanjing as well as a well-established specialty. It is made of duck blood, intestines, liver, and soup with bean vermicelli.

Duck Blood and Bean Vermicelli Soup is known for its high protein and low fat content, smooth taste and fresh flavor which can be enjoyed for people from all regions. It’s a is a rare nutritional delicacy. Later on, to accommodate the tastes of people from different regions, duck blood and bean vermicelli soup was modified. Now, the methods and ingredients used to make the dish vary by region.

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