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Fried Dumpling Stuffed with Beef

Fried Dumpling Stuffed with Beef, a kind of fried food with stuffing, is a famous Delicacy of the Hui ethnic and one of the top eight delicacies in Nanjing. This dish used to be only served in the royal court, and later it was introduced to Nanjing. After generations of research and improvements by chefs, it took the form we eat today.

Fried Dumpling Stuffed with Beef are longer than ordinary dumplings and stuffed with beef. They are put in a pan with oil and fried until they become golden and then plated and ready to be eaten.

This dish is sweet and salty and the outside of the dumplings are golden and crispy while the inside is juicy and tender. The flavor of the beef inside the dumplings is quite unique. They suit the taste of most people which is probably why they’ve always been popular.


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