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Taro with Osmanthus Syrup

Taro with Osmanthus Syrup is a traditional and famous dessert of Nanjing. Along with Lotus Root with Osmanthus Syrup, Plum Pudding, Small Glutinous Rice Balls Cooked with Sweet Fermented Rice Wine and Red Beans, it’s part of the four most popular street delicacies. Visitors can find this dessert in dessert shops or even street-side stalls. Of course, well-established restaurants like Nanjing Food Stall Restaurant, Fangpo’s Delicacies and Lianhu Delicacies serve it as well.

Taro with Osmanthus Syrup uses boiled and peeled taros that are then slow cooked with specially made osmanthus syrup. When the taros are cooked, lotus root powder is added to make the soup thicker. The finished dessert is red colored and inviting, with the fragrant aroma of osmanthus flowers. The sweet, fresh flavor lingers on the taste buds of those who eat it.

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