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Stinky Mandarin Fish

Stinky Mandarin Fish or Marinated Mandarin Fish is a traditional Han dish that’s a representative dish of Anhui cuisine. It’s called marinated fresh fish in the Huizhou area of Anhui (today’s Huangshan City), which could also mean stinky in local dialect.

To prepare Stinky Mandarin Fish, the fish must be marinated in salt water of a temperature around 25 . After six or seven days, the fish has a special odor, then the fish is taken out then and fried and then paired with pork and bamboo slices. It is then cooked slowly until the soup nearly dries up.

This dish is a bit smelly, but it tastes really good. The fish is tender and fresh, and the taste is rich and smooth. The original flavor of the fish is maintained. Mandarin fish don’t have many bones, making it even more irresistible.

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