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Salted Duck Stewed with Soybeans

The preference for the salty food of the Hefei people is almost to their crazy. Regardless of the season, every restaurant in Hefei, big and small, hangs all kinds of salted meat at its door, including salted duck, salted pork, salted pig feet, salted chicken feet, etc. Among them, salted duck stewed with soybeans is definitely the most famous.

Salted duck stewed with soybeans merges the dried flavor of salted duck with the distinctive taste of soybeans, leaving behind a pleasant aftertaste. As a local dish, it’s made well by every restaurant.

Salted duck stewed with soybeans is the dish to have to try the salty flavor, the taste of soy sauce makes it a very flavorful dish. It’s said that it represents Huizhou cuisine.

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