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Cao Cao Chicken

Cao Cao Chicken is also called Xiaoyao chicken. It is a traditional Han dish from the Hefei area that was created during the Three Kingdoms period.

Cao Cao Chicken requires particular materials and ingredients. Chicken must be muscular and with thick fat, especially at the breast area. The procedure of making this dish is particular as well. It must be soaked in soup stock and cooked. The biggest feature of this dish is that the meat falls off of the bone once it’s cooked and served. It is so delicious that the taste lingers around. For this to happen, the chicken needs to stay in one piece after being slaughtered. The chicken is then covered in honey and fried, the flavors cooked together with soup stock and other ingredients, it is then stewed it until the meat detaches from the bones.

When finished, Cao Cao Chicken has a red luster and rich aroma. The skin is crispy and has an oily glow. The dish is well presented and those who see it will want to eat it.

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