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Baked Bread with Duck Fat

Baked Bread with Duck Fat is a specialty food from Hefei. It is a kind of crispy baked bread that is kneaded with duck fat. The selection of ingredients, process of cooking, flame, and quality are all emphasized. The baked bread needs to be in layers, crispy and tasty.

Baked Bread with Duck Fat is similar to multi-layered bread with chopped green onion and duck fat kneaded into it. Once the duck fat is in, bake the bread until golden and crispy. It’s best when it’s hot. When taking a bite, one will notice that it’s slightly salty and the mixture of green onion, duck fat and sesame make it fragrant. Baked Bread with Duck Fat is of a golden color. Sesames are sprinkled on top of the oval shaped bread which make it look delicious. When you take another bite, there are crispy layers. When eating this bread, take a small bite first and carefully appreciate its fine taste, its crispiness and crunchiness. It’s often served with red bean congee, a delicious combination.

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