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Luzhou Roasted Duck

Luzhou Roasted Duck is a famous traditional dish in Hefei. It used to be a dish in the imperial palace and only the rich and powerful had access to it. It was introduced on a wider scale in the Ming dynasty.

Luzhou Roasted Duck emphasizes the selection of materials and the procedure in which it is made. The flavor is so fresh that people can’t stop talking about it. Luzhou Roasted Duck is marinated before it is roasted with a small flame. When it’s done, it glitters with a rich aroma. It looks greasy, but doesn’t taste it. After shopping, people in Hefei often line up for some baked bread with duck fat for breakfast the next day.

Luzhou Roasted Duck was listed by the province and Ministry of Commerce as a high quality product in 1987. And it won the gold medal at the first China Food Expo in 1983.

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