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Mashed Taro

Mashed Taro is a traditional Han dessert and is part of Min Cuisine (one of the top eight cuisines of China) in Fujian Province. Boiled taro is mashed and then other ingredients like dates, cherries, sun flower seeds, candied melon, sugar, sweet osmanthus flowers and cooked lard are added. This dessert has a great aroma and is sweet and smooth.

Commonly seen during banquets, mashed taro is usually the last dish to be served. In 1839, Lin Zexu held a banquet for consuls from other countries. After all cold dishes were all served, mashed taro was served. The foreign guests didn’t see steam coming from the dish and thought it was cold. They enjoyed it a lot.

Mashed taro of the finest quality is Tai Chi Mashed Taro and Mashed Taros with Eight Fine Ingredients. Because it is covered in lard, the dessert appears to be cold, yet it’s actually hot. It’s usually served as the last dessert at banquets. In eastern coastal areas of Fujian Province, mashed taro is common. Mashed taro from Fuzhou is the most famous and is a classic dessert from the area.

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