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Pork Wonton

Pork Wonton also called peace wontons, is a famous dish in Fuzhou. It’s also a very festive dish in local customs.

The stuffing of Pork Wonton is made of fish and pork legs that are minced. Dried shrimp and water chestnuts are then minced as well, and added to the appropriate amount of soup, egg whites, MSG, Shaoxing wine, shrimp sauce (or salt) and mixed together. People would assume that wonton is about the meat wrapped in the skins, but there’s something to the skins as well. They use selected lean pork and is then minced with a wooden stick and mixed with sweet potato powder and then wrapped with the skins. The appearance of the wonton is white and smooth and the meat smells delicious. It kind of tastes like the swallows nests, which is how it got its name.

People in Fuzhou eat peace wontons for holidays and festivals, weddings and funerals, and when they’re together with friends and amily. This is because the name has good meaning to it.

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