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Large Meat Balls of Poyang Lake

Poyang Lake is situated in Jiangxi Province in China. The landscape of the 3 mountains and lake is extraordinary, with a peaceful and elegant environment and fresh air. The Large Meat Balls of Poyang Lake were created here.

The Large Meat Balls of Poyang Lake are a very famous Han ethnic dish in the Nanchang area, with a particular process for making them. The dish uses minced pork and shredded taro as the main ingredients, with other ingredients like water chestnut, ham, dried scallop, bone soup, preserved yolk, and starch. Everything is mixed and meatballs are made as big as fists. When cooked, the Large Meat Balls of Poyang Lake are smooth and soft, tasty and fresh. Their taste lasts for a long time. It’s a dish can be enjoyed by most people, which makes it popular.

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