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Steamed Pork with Ground Rice

Steamed Pork with Ground Rice is a favorite local dish of the people in Nanchang. Regardless of the season, whenever they want it, they will make some. Pork is mixed with some ground rice and some cooking wine, salt, aginomoto, chopped green onion, and ginger is added before being steamed. After cooked, lift the lid and the whole room will be filled with a great aroma.

Steamed Pork with Ground Rice has a very smooth taste. The lean and fat pork is well mixed and it’s tender but not too mushy. The ground rice is soft and absorbs all the flavor. As ways of preparing it differ, the dish can be sweet or spicy, and decorated with mushrooms, lotus roots, pumpkins, or sweet potatoes.

Now, Steamed Pork with Ground Rice is not restricted to pork. It can be made with beef, mutton, fish, eel, and chopped chili, etc. The dish has become more health oriented as well through the use of mushrooms and Chinese yams.

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