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Tang You Baba (Sticky Rice Cake with Syrup)

Sticky Rice Cake with Syrup is a traditional local delicacy of Changsha. Sticky Rice Cake with Syrup is not costly at all, the main ingredients of which are sticky rice flour and sugar. Yet, the process of making is delicate and complicated.

Fresh cooked Sticky Rice Cake with Syrup is golden in color, crunchy, and tender. It’s sweet but not too much, oily but not too greasy. The color and aroma are both tempting. Though not fancy, nor could it compete with the dishes made of precious materials, it is a snack that could be enjoyed and afforded by ordinary people, which makes it popular and lasting.

In Changsha, regardless of pretty or ugly, rich or poor, young or old, people all enjoy the taste of Sticky Rice Cake with Syrup as long as they love life and enjoy delicious food.

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