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Hot Dry Noodles

It is an indispensable among Wuhan’s breakfasts. It is said that in the early years of New China, a person who sold soup noodles in the Changti Street, Hankou, Wuhan, put the rest of the noodles on the chopping board one day. He put the cooked noodles into the boiled water for a short time the next day, and the noodles smelt delicious after having some seasoning put in, attracting people to rush to buy, and then it gradually spread from there.

It is different from cold noodles or soup noodles. After cooled and oiled, it will be sprinkled with sesame paste, sesame oil, and vinegar. It can also be sprinkled with capsaicin if you like to eat spicy food. It is delicious for its chewy noodles, fragrant sauce, and yellow and oily color. In fact, it is slightly different in taste but affordable in price in every shop. The Hot Dry Noodles in the Cai-lin-ji restaurant are the most famous, because the sesame sauce is made by ground black sesame.

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