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Skin of Beancurd

This is a famous snack in Wuhan. You can eat it in each stall and some restaurants on the streets and lanes when having breakfast.

The "bean" refers to uncoated mung bean, and the "skin" refers to refined rice milk, and the stuffing of Skin of Beancurd is sticky rice. The heat should be just right, so the fried Skin of Beancurd is crispy and delicious.

In Wuhan, the Three Delicacies Wrapped in Skin of Beancurd in Laotongcheng has the longest history and is the most famous one. Laotongcheng is a restaurant located on the Dazhi Intersection, Zhongshan Avenue, Hankou. It is well-known for the Three Delicacies Wrapped in Skin of Beancurd and is praised as “the king of skin of beancurd”. When going to Wuhan, you must go to Laotongcheng to eat the Skin of Beancurd. Even Chairman Mao Zedong sang its praises.

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