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Guangdong Style Steamed Vermicelli Roll

Steamed Vermicelli Roll originates from the Xiguan Area, Guangdong Province, China. It is a traditional snack of the Han ethnic group, and one of the Guangdong Style snacks in the Xiguan Area. There were vendors that sold Steamed Vermicelli Roll on Xiguan’s streets in the last stage of the Qing Dynasty, and Steamed Vermicelli Roll had a salty and sweet taste at the time. The stuffing of salty Steamed Vermicelli Roll mainly includes pork, beef, shrimp meat, pork liver, etc., while the stuffing of sweet Steamed Vermicelli Roll mainly includes vegetables and fruits that are soaked in sugar and roasted sesames.

The sheet jelly of Guangdong Style Steamed Vermicelli Roll is very white, thin and translucent; it tastes delicious, smooth and chewy.

There are rich proteins, trace elements, vitamins, etc. in the Steamed Vermicelli Roll, and it has efficacy in building one's body and lengthening one's life, especially suitable for children and adolescents who are malnourished.

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