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Hele Crab

Hele Crabs are produced in the sea of Wanning, China, and they are full of grease and meat. Especially the grease, golden and shiny, is just like the salted duck egg yolk. It is often steamed, then dipped in ginger and vinegar. It is really a pleasure to taste its real flavor and it is one of the four famous dishes in Hainan.

The crabs in Hele are fat and delicious, which have a great relationship with the local geographical environment. The Sun River, Dragon Head River, and Dragon Tail River flow into the sea, and the seawater here is light and has a large number of seaweed in it, where it is very suitable for crab's growth.

The Hele Crabs have the greatest fame in the Ming and Qing dynasties of China. According to local chronicles, it is provided for the honored guests by the government and rich people in ancient times.

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