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Ching Bo Leung

This is one of the special snacks of Hainan and is very popular with people. There are usually red beans (mung beans), barley, peanuts, hollow powder, coconut meat, watermelon tablets, pineapple tablets, quail eggs, jelly, "Sweet Wax Gourd (Dong Gua Yi)" and other ingredients in it, and it tastes sour and sweet, as well as crisp and smooth. It is cool and delicious, refreshes the stomach and lungs, and is the most characteristic relief to summer-heat delicacy in Hainan's night market, which is suitable for North and South diners taste.

If you come to Hainan and do not taste the Ching Bo Leung in Hainan, it would be a great pity! It not only represents the enthusiasm of the people of Hainan, but also on behalf of the basic taste of Hainan in the summer.

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