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Instant Spicy Steampot (Maocai)

Instant Spicy Steampot (Maocai) originated in Chengdu, where it is a traditional snack with Sichuan characteristics. The dish is constantly evolving and becomes the newest Sichuan Must-Eat Delicacies to spread all over China after hotpot and Mala Tang.

"Mao" here is a verb, and it is a little bit different from the Mala Tang. Prepare a delicious hot and spicy soup, and at the same time place the vegetables into the bamboo spoon; and then place into a bowl after it is cooked along with a spoonful of soup. Finally, add the various condiments mixed by the boss.

Maocai is similar to chuan chuan xiang and hotpot, as all the ingredients are stewed. The best way to eat it is using a plate of “dry spice”, i.e. placing dried chili powder on a saucer, and adding seasonings such as salt, MSG etc., then dipping the stewed vegetables into the spice, and then eating. The taste is hot, spicy and delicious.


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