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Stewed Noodles

Henan Stewed Noodles is a specialty of Henan. It’s a traditional flavored dish with meat, vegetables and soup. It is fresh and totally affordable, and is popular in Central China. Zhengzhou is called the city of Stewed Noodles. There’re stewed noodle shops all over the city.

Put the stretched thin noodles into meat soup, and then put in mutton, day lily buds, fungus, and vermicelli. Before serving, put in Chinese parsley, chili oil, and garlic. The soup is delicious while the noodles tough and elastic.

Soup is critical for making stewed noodles. The soup is made of mutton and lamb bones (broken with bone marrow exposed) and cooked for over 5 hours. First, use a high heat until the soup boils and then slow cook with a low heat. Add 7 or 8 traditional Chinese herbal medicines and cook the oil out of the bones. The cooked soup should be white and glittering like milk, thus it is also called white soup.

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