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Spring Chicken in Salt (Tongzi Chicken)

Tongzi Chicken is a famous dish from Kaifeng City. It uses the best local hen and is slow cooked with soup stock. When cooked, the chicken is of golden color, the meat is fat, yet not greasy. It’s dry and crispy and is famous for becoming tastier the more you chew on it.

One feature of Tongzi Chicken is crispiness, which means the way of eating this dish is not trying to get the meat off the bones after chopping it into pieces, but to eat with big bites.

Tongzi Chicken has to be deboned first, and then sliced. When served, take a deboned piece and chew the flavor out of it. The longer you chew, the tastier it gets. That’s why Tongzi chicken is not a dish that would fill you up, but one that needs to be enjoyed.

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