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Yellow River Carp

Because of the water particular to the Yellow River and the geography of Zhengzhou, the carp from the Yellow River is covered with bright colors with golden scales and red tails. The head, body and fins of a Yellow River carp are all white and golden with a slight yellow to it. The tail of it is red with slight yellow. That’s why the Yellow River carp is called red tail carp as well.

Yellow River carp is at the top of the four famous fish dishes in China. The meat of the carp is tender and nutritious. It used to be a tribute to the emperor. The cooking method of the fish varies as well, such as carp baked with noodles, braised Yellow River carp in soy sauce, and carp in chili sauce. In some parts of Henan, when they want to thank a matchmaker, they choose red tail carp as well as a top courtesy to the guest.

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