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Fish in Sour Soup

Fish in Sour Soup is also called “Guizhou Fish in Sour Soup”, “Miao Village Fish in Sour Soup”, or “Kaili Fish in Sour Soup”. It originated from the Miao Village in southeast Guizhou, and is one of representative dishes of Guizhou Must-Eat Delicacies.

To make the dish, first the sour soup is prepared, then the insides of the live fish are removed and it is put into the sour soup to stew. After it is cooked, the dish has a sour fragrance and you will really notice both the sourness and spiciness on tasting it. The sour soup is made by boiling rice water, to which pickled chili, local nutritious Chinese herbal medicines and tomatoes are added, with a good sour soup being white. The flavor will be more unique if some soybean sprouts, slender bamboo shoots and wild onions are added.

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